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Wow, just WOW! This piece is amazing. This perfectly shows what young Nickis going through and how traumatised he is. When I first saw the scene, I was shocked; awed and engulfed on how well this scene was handled in contrast with the rest of the film. I say those that use their identity as a member of society like those kids, no matter what as a way to scar him the way they did are disgusting awful beings. Well done with this pic.

Vision: beautiful colours as if it is like a Disney Cartoon episode as good as Gravity Falls, no joke. The lighting is beautiful and textures are very well done. I like how you told this from a very emotional point of view.

Originality: I could see this as another layer to see what happened to his parents and how Nick may come across the kids, as a grown-up fox. Very well structured and you have a mind set as if what may happen to his parents.

Technique: Very crisp; clear and very appealing to the eyes. It is as if Nick is feeling what emotions you wanted to draw him. Very smooth and simple. I really loved how the room looks like he is a kid like any other.

Impact: Good GOD! This really represents how many awful thoughts he has to deal with. would be swirling through his own mind. I think this scene should be more into the backstory of what happened that made Nick chose the to con others.

I recommend you all who come across this critique to see this movie to get the better understanding and I could not do this movie justice. This pic is more than meets the eye and is very sad and expressive. Keep up the great work. ;)
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