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I love how expressive this piece is. It shows the bond between three common friends enjoying a great bonding.

Vision: Really beautiful vision from the swaying of the capes to the heartwarming feel here is a great example of how a friendly atmosphere from what is usually considered a supernatural creature really would be like. This is great vision with a beautiful style.

Originality: Despite having some characters that I know from previous artwork by multiple artists, yours stand out with a style that makes the feeling of bonded friendship very special between these three characters. Has good a very appealing charm that makes it really stand out.

Technique: I could tell you put in so many days for this piece to be as sylishly unique as it did. The characters all look very expressive yet elegant which is hard to accomplish without making it comedic and yet this pic has a perfect style to balance it all out. The background also look stunning from the style of the room to the shaping of the lampshade. Brilliant technique all around.

Impact: The best bit that made me give it all five stars was the characters and the bondage they have with each other. From the very welcome nature to the style of the clothing to even the patterns of both Fernr and Distorter on their faces and tails. The piece looks very alive and welcome in feel. I lovee how you give vampires an exquisitely friendly nature that more artists should draw of. I love evil vampires too but these types are more welcoming in the person's eyes.

Overall: A stylish and welcoming piece of beauty. :D I hope to see more of this art in the future. ;3
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pandapaco Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
OMG thank you very much for take your time on this. I appreciate a lot your words!! I'm really glad you think that of my work n__n
ashbasher22 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You are always welcome, what can I draw for you if that is fine? ;3 Love drawing vampires with cloaks. ;3
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